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3 Ways Nurses Can Make Extra Money With Medical Ear Piercings

Nurses have the skills to complete a wide range of tasks and can find money-making opportunities away from their everyday job. If you're a nurse who seeks a nursing side job, you do not need to go through additional training or learn a wide range of new skills.

Maintain a side job with your own skills and preferences through medical ear piercings. Your professional nursing skills can help you provide a clean and safe environment where children and adults receive a wide range of piercings. Learn how these piercing side jobs for nurses can help you make extra money and fit into your schedule.

1. Private Appointments

Once you purchase a medical ear piercing kit, you can complete piercings from your own home. The use of your own kit gives you the flexibility to schedule and arrange private appointments through the use of social media, word of mouth, or through people you meet at work.

Your nursing credentials will help showcase your skills and ability to maintain a clean piercing environment. With piercings done at your own home, you eliminate a lot of the overhead or extra costs associated with a piercing business. You can profit quickly and not need to feel like you have two full-time jobs.

2. Piercing Parties

As an alternative to appointments, you could host piercing parties at your home. A piercing party gives you the opportunity to do multiple piercings at the same time and supplies a fun service for everyone who attends. You can set the costs for a piercing party and charge by the group or charge individually.

If you have a busy nurse schedule, then a piercing party is an ideal way to make a little extra money just once or twice a month. You can build up anticipation for the party and offer extras like food, snacks, and beverages.

3. Jewelry Sales

Along with charges for the piercing service, your nursing side job could also include jewelry sales. You could offer a wide range of earring options for guests to purchase when they get a piercing. You could also offer up matching jewelry options to get with the earrings. For example, you could sell matching necklaces or bracelets to go with a set of earrings.

The addition of jewelry is a nice way to boost your profits with each individual who purchases a piercing from you. Entice potential customers with package deals like piercing and jewelry offers at a discounted price.

Look for piercing kits as good side jobs for nurses and see the various ways you could expand your income using skills you have obtained from your field. To find more side jobs for nurses, talk to employment professionals near you.