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A Gift to Cherish

I grew up in a close-knit family. I lived in the same home as my mom, dad, and younger sister until I married my husband eleven years ago. Every Mother’s Day, I shop for a special gift to give my mom. Because she’s been battling a difficult illness recently, I want to surprise her with something special this year. A few of her favorite things are purses, blouses, scarves, and necklaces. Therefore, I’m shopping at local, department stores with these items in mind. On this blog, I hope you will discover the best types of stores to shop for a Mother’s Day gift at. Enjoy!


All About Elite Shungite

Healing crystals are used by many with the belief they can promote healing, improve energy, and enhance a person's life in numerous ways. There are many different types of crystals and they are believed to each have their own ways of benefiting someone. One type of crystal is shungite. It is rarer of a crystal than some of the others. Shungite is a black stone that's made predominantly of carbon and you can learn more about it here: 

Shungite is a unique stone

Something interesting about shungite is that it contains almost all of the minerals of the periodic table. It is also a stone with curious origins. Most of the materials that are made of carbon are formed from organic decayed materials, whereas shungite is believed to be older than life on Earth. 

Shungite is believed to help with detoxing one's body

Shungite is a crystal that is believed to help with ridding one's body of many types of pollutants and other unwanted issues. It can help with removing free radicals, expelling threatening germs, getting rid of inflammation, reducing stress, repairing skin damage, and more. It is also believed to help someone to feel more grounded and closer to the Earth while also protecting them from EMFs. 

Shungite is used in various ways 

There are a lot of different ways in which shungite is used. Shungite is also known for removing pollutants and other toxins from water when used in a filtration process. However, this isn't the only way it is used in water. Shungite infused water is also consumed by many people who believe drinking it will help improve their overall health and well-being. It is thought to help with everything from asthma and autoimmune disease to arthritis and chronic fatigue. 

Another way that elite shungite is often used is that it is included in the designing of jewelry. There are many types of jewelry and designs that you can find which use shungite. A common way you will see it used in jewelry is that it can be hung from a necklace. However, there are also rings, bracelets, earrings, anklets, and other types of necklaces that contain shungite. The person who is wearing the shungite jewelry is believed to benefit from the stone's properties due to their proximity to it while they are wearing it. This is why so many people like elite shungite jewelry. Learn more by contacting shops that sell elite shungite pendant.