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Shopping At A Dispensary For The First Time? Follow These Tips

Has recreational marijuana finally become legal in your area/ Do you plan to visit a dispensary for the first time? If so, follow these tips to ensure that the trip goes smoothly and you get what you are looking for.

Be Prepared To Wait

Shopping at a dispensary is a lot different than going to the typical store. The storefronts are usually smaller, and they limit how many people can be inside at a time. This means that there is often a line outside of the building where you need to wait before you are allowed in. Make sure you show up with enough free time to wait in line, and ask how long the estimated wait will be if it looks long. 

Know that you'll be given a menu for what products are available before you enter the store, so there is no need to wait in line if you are looking for a specific product that is out of stock.

Know That You Need To Work With An Employee

Buying marijuana is not the same as going to the local convenience store where you pick something off the shelf and then go through the self-checkout. You need to work with an employee to select the product that you want and then cash out. In some dispensaries, there are not even products in a glass case to browse since all products are located in a secure room and must be retrieved once you make a decision.

Don't Be Afraid To Ask Questions

The people that work at a dispensary are well aware that many people will be shopping for the first time and have questions. They do not expect you to know everything there is about marijuana, so feel free to ask questions so that you can get educated. If you want to know the differences between indicas and sativas, now is your chance to get an education from somebody that sells the different products every single day. 

Bring Cash

Many dispensaries are not set up to take a credit card for payment, which is due to credit card companies not yet supporting these types of businesses. This means you need to bring cash with you in order to pay. Some locations may take a debit card, but it is not guaranteed, so having cash on hand will ensure that you can pay. 

Your first trip to a dispensary should go smoothly now that you know these four things. To learn more, contact a dispensary.