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4 Ways to Display Military Style Action Figures

Over the years, military action figure lines have been really successful. If you collect the figures, then you may consider some of the unique ways to display the designs. Whether you have smaller action figures or larger dolls, you can pair your collectibles with military-themed decor for your home.

Learn some of the unique display options and plan out a nice action figure display case.

1. Metal Sign Backdrops

As you shop for military-themed metal decor, look for designs that can act as a backdrop for your action figure collection. The flat finish of a sign allows the action figures to stand out while providing you with a cohesive way to display the figures.

Design options include the American flag, soldier designs, or other military designs like tanks. Limit the display to just the area in front of the metal sign to keep everything organized. Consider the use of small portable LED lights to illuminate the action figures and the sign.

2. Display Racks

Many forms of military decor include display racks ideal for badges, merits of honor, and accessories like a military bullet. You can purchase a display rack to feature a display with your military action figures. Ensure the rack is deep enough so the figures can properly stand. Racks with a glass enclosure can help prevent the figures from falling out of place. The backdrop of a display rack could include photos of soldiers, a map of the United States, or the American flag among other examples.

3. Display Stands

If you want a more freeing display, then consider using military decor as stands. For example, you can purchase a collection of replica dog tags and glue a figure to each dog tag. The base of the tag provides enough length and stability to hold the figure up and allow it to stand without falling. For this to work, use super glue for the strongest adhesive. The glue works well with action figures and can hold a bond permanently when applied.

4. Armed Forces Flag Stands

When you purchase military-styled figures, the toys may come with a specific branch of the armed forces assigned to them. You can showcase their branch of the military with mini flag stands and flags which present each branch. Separate your action figure collection by military branch and then display the groups next to each flag they belong to. The flag stands may include a flat portion ideal for the action figure and sand.

Shop around to come up with different ideas for how to display your action figures with military-themed decor.