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I grew up in a close-knit family. I lived in the same home as my mom, dad, and younger sister until I married my husband eleven years ago. Every Mother’s Day, I shop for a special gift to give my mom. Because she’s been battling a difficult illness recently, I want to surprise her with something special this year. A few of her favorite things are purses, blouses, scarves, and necklaces. Therefore, I’m shopping at local, department stores with these items in mind. On this blog, I hope you will discover the best types of stores to shop for a Mother’s Day gift at. Enjoy!


Caring for Your New Engagement Ring

If your significant other just popped that important question with a ring in tow, and you accepted their marriage proposal, you are most likely extremely excited to show off your new piece of jewelry to everyone you know. There are a few steps you can take to ensure your new engagement ring remains free of damage and retains its enticing sparkle. Here are some tips you can take to keep your ring in the best condition possible.

Do Not Expose Your Ring to Harsh Substances

If you are going to be doing a cleaning procedure with a detergent or bleach, it is best to remove your ring or put on a pair of rubber gloves to protect it from exposure. Bleach tends to cause damage to colored jewels as they are porous in nature. Detergents may have harmful chemicals within their makeup, making it risky to allow these substances to saturate your ring.

Take off Your Ring During Certain Tasks

Instead of wearing your ring as you wash your hands or bathe, it is best to remove it and place it in a safe location during this time. Soap will cause your ring to retain a film upon its surface, which can harden after the washing procedure has commenced. This can be difficult to remove after time passes.

Avoid wearing your ring any time you will be doing an activity, such as gardening, where debris is likely to land upon your hands. It is also best to take off your ring if you engage in a sport where your hands are involved in game play. Games like volleyball or basketball could lead to bending of prongs on your ring.

Protect Your Ring with Professional Service

Consider bringing your ring to a jeweler for cleaning procedures. While there are many cleaning supplies on the market made for rings, they will not do as thorough a job in removing all debris from the piece of jewelry.

A jeweler will have equipment to blow out small particles of debris trapped between the gemstone and band's prongs. The ring will be inspected for any signs of damage and an appropriate repair recommendation would be suggested to you if signs of wear are present. A jeweler will also be able to shine up any gemstones with a professional-grade product as well as polish the band in its entirety so it looks as new as it did when purchased.